10 things you MUST do in Tinos

1.Galaktoboureko & walk in Pyrgos

The most beautiful and largest village of Tinos is Pyrgos and is famous for its galaktoboureko. You can try it in the main square along with various other pastries and Tinian raki under the plane tree. Once you are stimulated by the sweet, it is time to explore its dozens of small cobbled alleys, to admire the bougainvilleas and the flowered courtyards and to visit the Museum of Marble and the house of Giannoulis Halepas!


2.Exploring the lunar landscape of Volakas

Tinos has many and admirable villages. One of them is Volax which is characterized by an unreal lunar landscape, due to the huge granite boulders that surround the village. Apart from the natural landscape that is special, the village has in various unexpected places written lyrics of poems by Greek and non-poets or lyrics of old Greek songs. In addition, it has an outdoor amphitheater where theatrical performances and events take place in the summer. It is the ideal village to walk among the traditional buildings with the inscriptions and to buy special souvenirs such as collections of poems and handmade knitted baskets.


3.Walk in Kardiani at sunset

Kardiani, with impressive architecture and views as it is literally “hung” on the slope of Mount Pateles. It has been designated, by decision of the Ministry of Culture, as a traditional settlement. Green with plenty of running water, it is crossed by a small river and has many springs with beautiful traditional fountains.

The village has been inhabited for a long time by Orthodox and Catholics who coexist harmoniously over the centuries. The orthodox cathedral, the Holy Trinity, is a protected monument and at the same time an imposing church. ) and the Birthday of the Virgin (Kiura).

It is worth visiting at sunset!


4.Ursuline Monastery

It is an important historical site, a model for the transmission of knowledge for many years to thousands of students, with a wide range of courses and level of teaching, using unique for the Greek data supervisory means. You can take a tour of the museum.


5.Climbing in Xomburgo

An impressive granite hill, Xomburgo, dominates the center of the island of Tinos. At the top is an old Venetian castle. 70 new sports routes were recently opened in this exceptional granite. The routes are very beautiful and are a good complement to the top and inexhaustible bouldering of the island. Tinos has a unique geological phenomenon in the world where huge granite round rocks extend in an area of ​​about 18km2 inland. Which makes it ideal for bouldering. For the fans of the sport, all the necessary equipment is rented and all the necessary information is given.


6. Wine tourism and gastronomy

The gastronomic wealth of Tinos and the systematic effort for its dissemination, has made it a top domestic gastronomic destination. Tinian wine, an integral part of the gastronomic identity of the island and wine tourism in Tinos are constantly gaining ground. Wine lovers have the opportunity to get to know the producers of Tinos, to visit wineries, vineyards and wine tours, to enjoy wine tastings and pairings with local products and to try the Tinian labels in many restaurants (restaurants, wine bars, cafes) on the island or to procure them from retail stores inside and outside Tinos


7.Surf in Kolimbithra

The beach of Kolimbithra, one of the most beautiful and impressive beaches of Tinos, where the first surf school was set up in 2010, gradually establishing the sport on the island. The most popular beach for water sports. Sandy, exposed to the North, long, overlooks the North Aegean and easily waves. Surfers have been on Tinos since the late ’90s.


8. Livada beach

One of the most special beaches of Tinos with wild beauty. Discover the painted and half-faded forms on the rocks. The area from the village of Myrsini to the beach of Livada has been included in the Natura 2000 program. Wild goats, ducks, turtles, fish and migratory birds live in the wetland of Livada.


9. Hiking on the paths of Tinos

Tinos offers endless opportunities, through big or small interesting hikes in the old hiking network of the island to get to know the island in the best way! Through a hiking network that exceeds 150 km, you will discover the authentic and unexplored island of Cyclades! https://www.tinostrails.gr/el/


10. Coffee in Ysternia

The village of Ysternia is located amphitheatrically on the slope of the mountain Polemos Kampos above the homonymous bay. Its location offers wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding nearby islands and especially Syros. Do not leave unless you see the ruins of a complex of 8 windmills, known as the Mills of Ysternia, which have been designated monuments, as well as the church of Agios Athanasios, one of the oldest on the island. In the wider area of ​​Ysternia, is the Monastery of Katapoliani and the church of the Second Finding (at this point was found the holy icon of Evangelistria Tinos after its theft).

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