TOP Beaches in Kato Meria, Tinos

Apothikes beach

The beloved of the winds which blow permanently towards this beach. It is the right one if you look for umbrellas, deck-chairs and also to get some peace of mind.

Vathi beach

Unknown to the most people, an isolated beach covered with pebble, in Kato Meri. The picturesque chapel of Aghios Charalampos seems to decorate the beach.

Kolympithra beach

Also known as Mikri Ammos & Megali Ammos, you can detect it at the most northern part of Tinos, around 25min away from Chora. Basically it is separated in two; on the one hand there is the largest part which is hit by the northern wind and is quite peaceful and on the other hand, there is the smaller but protected from the winds bay with the semolina sand and jade green waters which is first in preference. We also give an A for the amenities given that there are deck-chairs, umbrellas, taverns and beach bars.

Aghios Romanos beach

“Godfather” of the rather leeward large sandy shore at the southern part of Tinos (11km away from Chora) was the chapel of the left side of the bay. Nature has endowed the beloved of the Tinians with shady trees, crystal clear, emerald waters and unobstructed sight of Syros.

Apigania beach

Untouched by the massive tourism, the neighbor of Aghios Romanos at Kato Meri is in good terms with the loners and those who do not hesitate to pass a mini-odyssey in order to reach this exotic place. If you wish to swim in its turquoise waters next to greenish and white natural sculptures, you have to drive 11km in dirt road, walk in downhill and descent from rocks! Otherwise, you may choose to get there by boat.

Kantani beach

If you climb the rocks at the end of Apigania, you can go to Kantani… or even better, by boat. An idyllic location, still absolutely isolated, for a swim away from indiscreet looks.

Palios Aghios Fylaktos beach

A tiny, rocky embrace that encloses clean blue waters, near Colympithra. The short hiking in order to reach the beach will surely compensate you.