TOP Beaches in Tinos Chora

Kionia beach

Cosmopolitan beach, just 3km away from Chora, for a swim with the temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite at the archeological site of Kionia in the background. The setting includes pebble, sand view to Syros and deck-chairs for the fans of amenities. At the road to Kionia you will also find the neighboring, leeward coasts Aghios Markos and Stavros.

Aghios Fokas beach

3km long, it worth being considered as the largest –in acreage- beach of the island. Thanks to its short distance from Chora (2km), it seems ideal for those who do not have any conveyance because you can arrive there on foot. As for its features, it is characterized by the pebble-sand duet as well as the green artistic intervention of the shady trees. On the advantages, you may add the view towards the mystic Delos and the amenities of umbrellas, deck-chairs and beach bars. All along, you may find cafeterias, restaurants and taverns. If you want a piece of advice, prefer the part that is near the helipad of Tinos.

Aghios Ioannis Porto beach

Plain, shallow waters, pails, little buckets and generally family mood, it is ideal for those who are members of the “married” club. At this leeward famous beach you will find taverns and beach bar. Its highlight the beautiful chapel in the edge. 6km away from Chora.

Stavros beach

One more plunge suggestion addressed to whoever wishes to be close to Chora or is in a romantic mood. The peaceful beach with the shady trees and the relaxing scenery for a perfect sunset, is just before Kionia. As for taverns, restaurants and café-bars, they are lined up along the seafront road.

Aghios Sostis beach

Just 5km E of the town of Tinos, there is one of the most beautiful and crowded coasts of the island, with the “eyes” turned right across to Mykonos. Having been awarded several times for the clarity of its shallow waters, it is ideal for the young holidaymakers. The tamarisks of the area are so short that you think they want to get cool from the wave while at the same time, they provide shadow to those who are not fans of sunbathing.

Aghia Kyriaki beach

Protected from the winds, a sandy shore 5km away from Chora that is accessible by car through a dirt road.